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Louth Time Bank is a UK regulated bank that provides a wide range of business and personal banking services. As your trusted local bank, we are interested in growing and thriving with you. We also do more than provide financial support, we get involved by listening to you and giving the best advice from our years of experience.

All about You

We understand the diverse financial circumstances of each individual and business, so you can be assured of special treatment once you walk through our doors or get in touch. Finances can be complicated or straightforward but one thing is for sure; we can use our expertise to navigate all the intricacies that come with wealth creation and organizing finances. 

Before making decisions or suggestions, we are ready to look at your goals qualitatively and quantitatively. This way, we ensure that you get practical advice that will improve your prospects.

Honoring Your Effort

We stick to the honorable banking values of putting customer interests first. Nothing comes above your interests in our eyes, excellent customer experience is our priority. We value every customer, if you’re starting small, well stick with you and help you grow. If you are big, we help ensure sustainability and scalability through our various products. If you’re in between feel welcome, we are here to walk with you on to the next level.


We take the beaten track to success, rolling up our sleeves and solving problems using time-tested and transparent approaches. Your success inevitably leads to our success too. We know that shortcuts produce dangerous results so we adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Your business will always receive the unparalleled confidentiality and discretion it deserves because we value your privacy. Our robust systems are designed to protect your interests all the time.

Personal Banking

We provide a wide range of personal services including loans, credit cards and overdrafts. Looking to invest? We have flexible services and one of our staff will gladly help you get the right funding, make the best choices, and grow your wealth. We also encourage saving through our various saving packages. In case you transact with cash regularly you can operate an appropriate current account which is ideal for your regular deposits and withdrawals. Our terms are friendly so that you get the best value for money every time you meet with any of our banking representatives or access our services online. 

Business Banking

We offer more than just financial services to business. With our infrastructure, we can help make connections, build relationships and offer professional advisory services.

Our business packages ensure you get easy access to your accounts for convenient operations. We also make it easy to streamline operations and go digital. Our business advisory services are tailored to provide the support and added insight when structuring operations, expanding or changing strategies.

We provide various types of business financing according to your needs. Our business loans are competitive and they include options that suit your unique type of business.

We Grow With the Community

Communities are made of unique individuals. There is a place for everyone here at Louth Time Bank. We support the wellbeing and financial security of every member of the locale. That is why our staff participates in various community initiatives by volunteering their expertise. It is part of our identity because we belong too.

We also support various causes through donations and acknowledge those who help make our community better with awards for exemplary service. Our belief is that if we join hands, our community will be as we would like it to be.


Premium Banking in your Hands!

Premier Account

How would you feel if you were able to withdraw up to £1000 from an ATM? With premier account, thus is possible. That is not all, with this account; you can get an overdraft  of up to £1000 free of charge. Do you experience financial difficulties past the Bank’s working hours? Worry no more. As a premier account holder, you have access to assistance any time of day or night.


Mortgage is one of the ways you can access funding today.We can give you up to 10milliom but if you require more than that, we come up with a solution specifically for you. At times mortgage terms and conditions can be confusing and difficult to grasp, but you need not to worry about that, we will provide you with experts who will guide you through the process. Depending on the value of the property, you might even become eligible to loyalty pricing which is very affordable. 

Zero Interest on Credit Card Purchase

This is a big winner; you are charged absolutely nothing when you make purchases with your credit card. This is a convenience that you cannot afford to miss since it means that in addition to saving- a lot- you have the convenience of using paperless money. 

Financial solutions at the click of a button - Louth Time Bank

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Ecommerce Bank Processors In Singapore


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